Gerhard Mannsperger

"The most concrete acknowledgement of achievement is our clients’ continued choice to work with us again."

With the Hockenheim Ring just around the corner, the enthusiasm for motorsports is never far away. Rather than choosing a longterm career as a race driver, Gerhard Mannsperger turned another one of his interests into a profession: Real Estate, a sector that has fascinated him since childhood and fuelled the dream of realising his own construction projects.

Leaving a mark and creating something enduring is the motivation that drives this businessman. Reliability is an inherent trait that has contributed to the pursuit of his dream. Commitments must be kept – and while balancing the value of flexibility, this has been one of his unwavering principles ever since he first developed and sold projects for the insurance and financing sectors and subsequently for various property developers. In 1989, Gerhard Mannsperger then founded Mannsperger GmbH and began to build: residential housing, terraced houses and blocks of flats.

Being quite the true family business, Gerhard’s wife, Angelika, contributed to the company support that was later joined by their son, Domenique. Remaining close-knit, standing together and supporting each other are indispensable values for the family members. Today, father and son work at eye level and make decisions together throughout their daily efforts at IMPEC Real Estate GmbH.

After decades of experience in housing construction, what appeals to Gerhard Mannsperger most about the commercial sector, is the high degree of professionalism on each client’s side that effectively allows for large capacities to be realised. And this is yet another natural destination for a man who lives his life in the fast lane – even while Gerhard Mannsperger only jumps into a race car for fun these days.

Domenique Mannsperger

"A successful project is the result of commitment, passion, an eye for detail and hard work."

When Domenique Mannsperger is on the go, he takes in every available area, every road and every exit ramp throughout Germany. But then, logistics is his passion.

As the real estate economist returned to the family business in March 2016 and sought to realign the then dormant IMPEC Real Estate, it was clear where the new focus would lie: commercial, industrial and logistics real estate. Much in this sector is at a good standard, but focussing solely on maintaining those
standards is not the primary source of inspiration for Domenique Mannsperger. It is the details that make a difference to the client and they are what he has always been intent on. This was evident in his parents’ business, Mannsperger GmbH, where he pursued traditional real estate development with residential projects until 2006. And the same held true at Garbe Logistic AG where, from 2007, he took on responsibility for various areas, ranging from project development to sales and distribution, all the way up to transaction management. In 2011, the motorsport enthusiast and father joined May und Co. Logistik GmbH where, as the managing director, he advanced the project development of new buildings and managed the purchase of existing properties.

Each has priority at IMPEC Real Estate GmbH. Whether project development or a transaction, the mission is always: 100 percent trust – because the client should still be happy with their property in 20 years’ time. Domenique Mannsperger stands for this and the family business, IMPEC, equally stands for this

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